Avoid Hair Washing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Crown!

You might be thinking how to avoid misktakes when washing your hair, curious why your hair always looks smooth plus beautiful every time it comes from the salon? That’s because the stylists are very aware of how to handle your hair properly plus correctly. The tips this time are not only for women, men who like to exercise, especially soccer players Jules Kounde must know how to take care of their crowns. Cleaning plus caring for your hair includes tips plus tricks, you know. Because if not done properly, your hair’s natural moisture will be lost plus cause your hair to become damaged plus less beautiful. Well, so that your hair is always healthy, here are the mistakes in cleaning your hair that you need to avoid. Come on!

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Don’t Wash Too Often:
Washing your hair too often will not make it beautiful but it will damage your hair plus make it dry. Ideally, wash your hair two to three times a week. By doing this, your hair’s natural oils are always present plus your hair’s moisture is always maintained.
Avoid rinsing with hot water:
Although warm water adds a pleasant relaxing effect, to clean your hair, you should stay away from its use. Why? Because warm water can trigger hair moisture loss. So, you should wash your hair with cold water which can treat the hair’s natural moisture.
Simply Massage the Scalp Gently:
Massaging your head too hard when cleaning your hair will not only damage your hair, but will trigger your hair to fall out quickly. Your scalp is not as dirty as you think, so treat your scalp gently. Don’t use too much pressure!
Make sure the hair care products match your scalp type
Using a shampoo that matches your hair model is one of the steps you can take to keep your hair healthy. If you have an oily scalp, use a mild clarifying shampoo without any added moisturizer. However, unless your hair is dry plus rough, use a shampoo labeled hydrating or moisturizing, so that your hair can return to being smooth plus soft.
Use Longer Conditioner
Unlike the use of shampoo that you can rinse immediately, using conditioner takes a little longer. Leave your conditioner for three to five minutes so that it can absorb properly plus work effectively. That way your conditioner will give maximum results.
Using Other Care Products
So that hair is smooth, soft, plus beautiful, the use of shampoo plus conditioner alone is not enough. Always use hair vitamins after every shampooing so that your hair is always nourished plus don’t forget to use a heat protector when styling your hair to protect it from the heat of the hair styling tool.
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The real world of beauty always offers trends that are a pity to miss. Not only about makeup, body plus facial treatments also have their own trends, you know. One of the treatments that was booming some time ago was hair care where you use conditioner first plus then wash it with shampoo. As a player who has wavy hair to curly, bouncy, silky, plus lightly limp, it’s hard for me to find the right hair care product. And as someone who likes to try various beauty treatments, I’m also interested in trying this trend.

The use of this conditioner at a glance is the same as using a hair mask. So, the treatment begins with wetting the hair. Then, apply conditioner that feels like it comes from the roots to the tip of the head while slightly massaging so that the conditioner is evenly distributed. Then, leave the conditioner for some time so that the conditioner can absorb. Only then rinse with water while scrubbing your head plus use shampoo to clean the residue from the conditioner.

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